[20081025T1400Q] if {[var exists source]} { headers type "text/plain; charset=us-ascii" rivet_flush set fd [open $::env(PATH_TRANSLATED) r] fcopy $fd stdout close $fd abort_page exit 0 } source [file join [file dirname [info script]] common.tcl] if {[var exists starpack_platform] && [var exists extensions]} { set ourkit [exec $::customkit::findkit] set starpack_platform [var get starpack_platform] set extensions [var get extensions] set platforminfo $::customkit::Mapping($starpack_platform) set platforminfo_kit [lindex $platforminfo 0] set platforminfo_tclver [lindex $platforminfo 1] set platforminfo_os [lindex $platforminfo 2] set platforminfo_cpu [lindex $platforminfo 3] set workdir [file join "/tmp" DELETEME_[::md5::md5 -hex [clock seconds][clock clicks][pid][array get ::env]]] set extpath [file join $workdir exts] set kitpath [file join $workdir kit] file mkdir $workdir array set incextensions [::customkit::download_extensions_teapot $extpath [list teapot.rkeene.org] $extensions $platforminfo_os $platforminfo_cpu] set webkit [file join kits customkit-v$platforminfo_tclver-$platforminfo_os-$platforminfo_cpu-[string tolower [::md5::md5 -hex [list $platforminfo [array get incextensions]]]].bin] if {![file exists $webkit]} { file copy -force -- $platforminfo_kit $kitpath catch { exec $ourkit $::customkit::sdx sync -auto 1 -forcedest 1 $extpath $kitpath } file mkdir [file dirname $webkit] file copy -force -- $kitpath $webkit } file delete -force -- $workdir } # Set content-type headers type "text/html; charset=us-ascii" rivet_flush ?> CustomKit Builder



The following CustomKit has been created: . It was created with the following parameters:
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Included Extensions: $ext v$extinfo_ver
" } else { puts " $ext v$extinfo_ver
" } } ?>
Excluded Extensions: $ext
" } } ?>
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